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Hi-Tex Solutions is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner because of our proven capability to migrate complex architectures to the cloud and our deep knowledge of Amazon’s best-in-class services. Migrating to the cloud is not a cookie cutter solution and is one of the  most important steps in successfully growing your business and achieving the benefits of cost efficiency, agility, and scalability. We have exceptional track record of successful infrastructure and application migrations for clients of all sizes across multiple industries.

We take planning seriously and strive for a seamless transition of your valuable data to the cloud with zero downtime. We have experience in migrations from internal data centers as well as other cloud providers such as Rackspace, Softlayer, NexusTek and Microsoft Azure. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive strategy that can be customized to fit our clients’ specific requirements and business goals. Hi-Tex Solutions high level of expertise with Amazon Web Services enables us to extend the benefits of their most advanced and cost efficient solutions to our clients.

“Lift and shift” migrations fail because they don’t leverage all the benefits of AWS Cloud. Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is more than cloning servers or redeploying applications. We assess  your current infrastructure and make migration recommendations based on your goals. Then we design the most agile, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure, select the best cloud services and technologies for your project, and plan all implementation procedures providing cloud transformation of your applications to cloud native. We use automation technologies like Cloud Formation and deploy your infrastructure to AWS. After your review and  approval, we transfer your data to AWS and thoroughly test all functionality while maintaining security. Our migration experts will help your business achieve all the benefits of cloud, including  scalability, high availability, and automation with virtually no downtime during the transition.

The “Hi-Tex” Way

It all starts with our Play Book.

  • How can we best leverage the cloud for your organization, applications and users
  • Network Assessments to examine the existing infrastructure and compare it to current standards and best practices in security, availability, scalability, infrastructure automation, monitoring, proactive prevention of failures, and disaster recovery.
  • Design and document the right solution for your cloud infrastructure.
  • Automate your deployments with AWS specific tools like Docker, Cloud Formation and  Marketplace Cookbooks
  • Deploy with the appropriate Test, Stage and Production layers
  •  Test, Test, Test and Test some more at scale and under load
  • Final Cutover between footprints once delta data syncs are complete

How do we do it?

Hi-Tex Solutions impowers our migration specialist with proven and bleeding edge tools available.

  • AWS Database Migration Service to minimize or eliminate downtime to applications that rely on your existing database.
  • AWS Import/Export Snowball to address challenges with large data transfers that result in high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns.
  • AWS Server Migration Service to speed up “lift and shift”-type migrations.
  • PRTG and SNMP tools for Network Discovery as well as Agent based scans
  • Server Agents are installed on each host to gather server, service, and software information.
    Custom Scripts tools used to RPC/SSH to server to gather server, service, and software information.

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