Our engineers are experts in leveraging the cloud and helping you maximize your ROI, improve your scalability, reliability, and security.


Our team has unrivaled skills in engineering and implementing your existing products to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


We offer integration services, leveraging the cloud API’s of these platforms to connect interoperable applications and achieve automation. Our team of engineers and architects have hands-on experience in designing and engineering¬† cloud custom application solutions integrated with your product engineering teams

Flexible delivery models

We closely work with your engineering teams both in person as well as remote. Our cloud engineers are experts in optimizing your implementation to save you money and improve your reliability, scalability and security.


Hi-TEX Solutions is extremely proud of its certified AWS and Microsoft Azure practitioners who have In depth knowledge in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware assuring the success to all their business initiatives


No cloud initiative is worth the time and investment is it doesn’t provide value at the end of the day.¬† We offer competitive rates to keep your development cost affordable. Involving Hi-TEX Solutions during the early phases of engineering cycles will make your product cloud transformation predictable and successful

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