Residential IT Services

In today's digitally-driven world, efficient and reliable IT services are essential for every home. From setting up a robust home network to ensuring cybersecurity, residential IT services play a pivotal role in providing a seamless tech experience. Whether you're working from home, streaming entertainment, or helping your children with e-learning, a dependable IT infrastructure is the backbone that keeps everything running smoothly. For our neighbors in the heart of Texas, we have a special note: San Antonio residents are warmly invited to explore our top-notch services. We've designed solutions that perfectly cater to the needs of the modern household, ensuring that technology is an enabler, not a hindrance.

San Antonio residents can discover more about our dedicated services here.

. We provide the same high-quality IT services for residential clients that we do for our top business customers. We’ll quickly get you back up and running with:

Onsite help

Remote support/phone support

Home network and wireless services

Custom-built computers for business or gaming

Windows Home Server and Server Essentials specialist

Home surveillance/camera support

Virus removal

Back-up solutions and data recovery

Multimedia solutions

High-quality parts and supplies

Email hosting

onsite-support-icon Onsite help

If you need help with a problem that requires in-person support, we will send IT experts to your location to help.

phone-icon Remote support/phone support

For immediate assistance with technical issues, you can count on our remote support and phone support services.

wireless-icon Home network and wireless services

If you are having trouble with your home network or devices such as mobile devices, printers, and home computers, the IT experts at Hi-Tex Solutions are able to help.

computer-icon Custom-built computers for business or gaming

Whether you are building a custom computer for business, gaming, or anything in-between, we can help you build the custom computer of your dreams by starting with the base components and letting you decide how much processing power and hardware space you need.

server-icon Windows Home Server and Server Essentials specialist

We can help you set up a home server that will enable you to remotely access your data and important files from anywhere in your home.

camera-icon Home surveillance/camera support

At Hi-Tex Solutions, we’re able to take your home surveillance system to the next level with the latest technologies and home surveillance procedures.

no-virus-icon Virus removal

Don’t let a virus grind your operation to a halt; let us remove any virus you might be dealing with in a quick and effective manner.

backup-icon Back-up solutions and data recovery

If your data is important then it is essential to secure it, and we are able to help with backup solutions and data recovery services that include things such as cloud storage, network monitoring, and more.

game-controller-icon Multimedia solutions

If you need assistance with any multimedia project, the multimedia experts at Hi-Tex Solutions are in your corner.

best-icon High-quality parts and supplies

You can count on us to provide the highest quality parts and supplies at the lowest prices.

mail-icon Email Hosting

If you would like to add an email function to your website’s domain, we are able to help by providing you with the email servers you need to send out emails under your own domain.

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