Is your system infected?

fake av2Within 20 minutes of connecting to the Internet, an unprotected computer can fall victim to a destructive virus. These viruses can steal sensitive data, corrupt files, and monitor your activities. Experience slow computer function and annoying pop-ups? It might be a virus. Safeguard your system with our protection services.

We’ve got the cure

Protect your Server or PC with Hi-Tex’s swift virus and spyware removal services. Count on us to eliminate viruses, and trojans, and safeguard your system from privacy invasions and tracking threats. Our comprehensive approach detects and cleans various spyware, adware, keyloggers, and more. Stay safe from ransomware attacks, and trust us for decryption services. Your cybersecurity is our priority.

We’ve got the protection

Hi-Tex Solutions has partnered with Trend Micro to bring you the best anti-virus protection available — TrendMicro Security Services, a worldwide early-warning system that blocks threats before they can infect your system.

Seeing symptoms of infection in your system? Don’t delay!

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