Protect your company’s most valuable asset: your data.

Hi-Tex Solutions Backup Services keep crucial data safe. We provide onsite, onsite/offsite rotations, pure offsite, and data retention solutions. We even offer fully-redundant Cloud Backup solutions to meet your compliance requirements.

Look to us for a complete hard drive data recovery service specializing in retrieving vital data from personal computers and laptop hard disk drives, server drives, and external storage.

Whether you need emergency on-site data recovery service or remote data recovery, we have a range of solutions designed to meet your data recovery need. We have an industry-leading success rate for recovering lost and/or unrecoverable data. You can count on our cost-effective and speedy recovery techniques to return your data to you as quickly as possible.

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So you have backups with data retention, Anti-virus  and security policies in place. 

You have redundancy built into all your critical systems. You’re using Hi-Tex Solutions Managed IT Services  and are feeling confident about your IT infrastructure.

But what happens in case of a disaster… fire, flood, storm, human error?

What’s your recovery plan? How long do you think it would take to get your critical systems back up and running? We can help you develop and document policies and procedures your business needs to survive a disaster. Hi-Tex Solutions offers a full range of disaster recovery services—from remote backup and storage to full multi-site mirroring (hot-site and cold-site). Call on our team to help you choose the right resiliency solutions based on your risk tolerance, recovery objectives and budget. We will deploy, manage and test the systems to ensure that if disaster strikes, you won’t end up among the 43% of disaster-affected businesses that never reopen.

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