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Please activate this voucher so I can receive 2 hours of FREE technical support and have you “on call” to solve any unexpected technical problems I run into. I understand that I am not obligated to do or purchase anything by activating this voucher, or when I take you up on your 2 hours of free tech support.

How To Redeem Your 2 Free Hours of Support:

Complete and submit the form to our office before the date stamped on your letter in red. Call our Technical Support Hotline the next time you experience a computer problem, and an experienced, certified technician will respond immediately!

Technical Support Hotline: (210) 428-6150

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You May Use Your 2 Free Hours To Have Us:

Provide a basic HIPAA Assessment

Check the viability of your company firewall and security protections against hacker attacks, theft, worms, viruses and even employee sabotage. Over 80,000 new malware threats are developed every single day, which is why you have to be extremely diligent about protecting your organization.

Scan for spyware, viruses and other malware that is secretly stealing your company’s bandwidth, jeopardizing the speed of your computer system and embezzling confidential information about you, your employees and your business.

Check your network’s backup system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you NEVER want to lose. MOST of the backups we audit (better than 1 in 10) are horribly inadequate and only provide a false sense of security to the owner. We’ll tell you the truth.

Diagnose slow, unstable PCs, servers or other chronic IT problems.

Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or give you a second opinion on a quote you received.

Great Service, Always on schedule and on time. The team at Hi-Tex is great to work with.
Thomas Boos
17:10 12 Oct 18
Jason has always been fast and fair in helping our small business. He's very knowledgeable and I'm more than happy to highly recommend him for all IT managed services.
Kori Ashton
19:39 22 Jun 18
This company is legit! Outstanding customer service, I would highly recommend them to my family and friends...
Justin Connally
19:58 21 Aug 18
Hi-Tex Solutions is always very responsive to our needs! Jason and the gang does great work at a fair price! I would highly recommend them to anyone in the need of computer services.
Scott Savell
21:33 23 Jan 18
A home computer can be like a member of your family. It houses your memories, your data, and access to all the details of your life. When something happens to it, just like a loved one, you want the most qualified person taking care of it. I recently had an urgent computer issue. (Urgent because it’s college finals week and I had major assignments due in just days!) A new computer wouldn’t do, weeks and years of research were stored on this one. Googling didn’t get anywhere, help from family and friends fell short, and I knew I didn’t want to turn it over to a stranger at a big box store. (Does that guy really know what he’s doing, or is he just filling in from another dept?? How long would it take? How much would they charge?)I found the answers that I needed when I called Hi-Tex Solutions. I liked them because they’re locally owned and after speaking with them, instantly felt confident in their ability to help. A knowledge expert helped me to troubleshoot remotely over the phone. When the problem was discovered and they needed to work on it in person, drop off and pick up was seamless and it was (miraculously) fixed and ready to come home the same day! Hi-Tex Solutions brought me from the absolute desperation and devastation you feel when your trusted device stops working to the absolute relief of knowing that it’s going to be okay. I can’t handle doing business with a company that doesn’t sound like they know what they’re talking about, requires expensive diagnostics, or is just constantly up-selling. Just like my car, my health, and other important facets of life, I need someone I can trust when I have a problem, who gives an honest opinion without over-inflated estimates, and who cares about the outcome as much as I do. So grateful that I found them and will definitely do business again!
Heather Sanger
18:08 01 May 19
Hi-Tex Solutions helped solve our business issues with ease and terminology that didn't require a technical degree to understand! Jason was very patient in explaining not only the processes we would need to implement but also the materials, time and different options. It is refreshing and gratifying to know that there are businesses that are IN business to really partner and help you. Thanks HI-Tex Solutions! We will definitely be using you again!
Maggie Titterington
20:14 26 Feb 19
Prompt and timely service. Payed attention to what I needed. Been using Hi-Tex for years now for not only personal tech support but also for several of my businesses.
lis mathis
16:29 26 Feb 19
Great service and fast responses. They did a review of my computer system, and they helped me set-up a back up system and a security system that would fit my needs (and price range) perfectly. They are very patient and explain things well! I highly recommend them! And they work remotely so you do not have to be in San Antonio to use their services! Win-win!
Angie Greak Cuellar
14:56 28 May 19
These guys have really helped out our office in becoming more up to date with hardware and better HIPAA compliant. They are very easy to work with, friendly, timely, and know their stuff!
Jeslyn Sabol
20:57 14 Jan 20
Fantastic! Working with Jason has been great. We initially scheduled an appointment for networking help and cyber security. On the day of his first visit we happened to have a fraud attach on our business accounts. Jason stepped in and helped with locking down our email and network. We are now setup with a managed cyber attack program. Thank you REB
Robert B
01:30 29 Feb 20
Great job, very knowledgeable. Hard to find a task he doesn't know about. Great person to deal with.
Alvin Grigsby
20:14 23 Aug 17