It’s time to bring your current deployments out of the stone age.

For many companies, IT infrastructure grows organically. Legacy solutions, sluggish servers, and outdated end user devices start to dominate. Companies don’t have the time to follow best practices or meet industry standards — they’re just treading water and planning for the future.

But organizations need to be concerned about their IT. IT is the blood-and-bones of many companies today, and vulnerabilities, security holes, and simple inefficiency can make it progressively more difficult to remain competitive.

Here’s how Hi-Tex Solutions IT managed services can help you transform your organization.

A Full Assessment to Get You Where You Need to Be

Many of our prospects are already frustrated when we meet with them. There’s a lack of communication, transparency, and consistency within the IT support industry. Companies are often fighting with both their in-house department and their outsourced services. And often they just don’t have the support they need to get their software and hardware to where they need it. From core equipment, to licensing, and deployment configurations, they may feel as though they’re trapped and have no way forward.

Our initial network assessment, which takes on average three to four hours, will peel back the layers of the business and identify how it can be better optimized. We’ll see where the IT infrastructure may simply be limping along or about to collapse, and where the company really needs improvement. From there, we can create a complete, all-in-one game plan to get the company up to speed, from the ground up.

Improving Your Organization’s Acquisition and Life cycle Management

When companies are constantly focused on putting out fires, they aren’t able to anticipate their own needs. We’re able to provide in-depth asset and configuration reports covering equipment age, software, OS versions, patch history, and more, which puts control back in the hands of the business. We will not only bring the company to where it needs to be, but, create lifecycle and asset management plans so the company can remain in its optimal configuration.

By identifying and resolving critical points of failure, running vulnerability scans, and otherwise shoring up security, we improve an organization’s functionality and uptime. Active Directory, MS SQL, Exchange, Cloud Sync, third-party integrations, and more, can all be tracked and optimized — and the entire team can start following the vital best practices that will keep the company both safe and functional.

Create an Ongoing, Proactive Infrastructure for Your Business

Transforming your company begins with a shift from “reactive” IT support to “proactive” IT managed services. Whether that means switching to cloud solutions rather than traditional on-premise equipment, or upgrading backup and disaster recovery solutions, it’s essential to protecting your company from whatever could come next.

Proactive infrastructure management means that the company is constantly improving its solutions and addressing potential problems before they become major issues. In addition to a professional, local, and friendly HelpDesk, Hi-Tex Solutions is also able to plan ahead and make sure that the company is prepared for the future.

It’s always better to prevent a fire rather than put one out.

At Hi-Tex Solutions, we provide best-in-class services that are backed by 24/7 HelpDesk support and guaranteed Service Level Agreements. Are you interested in upgrading your organization? Contact us today to start developing a plan.