Does your business require you to meet PCI or HIPAA Compliance?
Do you even know if you need to?

With so much focus today on security breaches, loss of personal or customer information and the growing war on identity theft you cannot afford to be in the dark. With punishments levied from the Federal Government and various regulatory groups, or customers simply leaving the services for more trustworthy alternatives, your company’s security and compliance must be at the top of your IT to do list every single day.

But where do you start?

What are the regulations for PCI and HIPAA and where does your business fall?  Maybe one, both or neither.

Let the experts at Hi-Tex Solutions help you understand what security and compliance requirements your business needs to meet, then let us take the burden of meeting and managing those requirements.   Hi-Tex Solutions can provide proactive audits to catch any “gotchas” long before you are faced with fees, penalties or even worse having your doors closed and Hi-Tex Solutions can provide your employees with the training required to keep you safe and secure.

Even if your business doesn’t directly require PCI or HIPAA you may be providing services to customers that require you to meet compliance as well. This is known as being a Business Associate and the government has now required many businesses to meet the same standards as medical practices and retail shops as a downstream partner.

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Is your network secure?

Your business is saturated with several types IT infrastructure from servers in house or hosted with web sites, database backends, user applications for CMS; to users with desktops, laptops, tablets hand held devices, thumb drives and e-mail. Internal Wi-Fi, Guest Wi-Fi; The list goes on and on… With so many possible endpoints to protect how do you keep track of them all?

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San Antonio Cyber Security Training

Do you provide ongoing training to your users to be aware of phishing, ransomware, malware, viruses, spam and more?

Do you even know what to look for?

Our staff will provide ongoing training to you and your end users to help identify and mitigate potential attacks before they become huge issues.